The vast availability of genomic data over the last decade has created a new bottleneck for plant breeding programs. Rapidly collecting, analyzing, and utilizing phenotypic and phenomic data within a single breeding season is paramount to crop improvement. The Rife Lab focuses on developing efficient tools, technologies, and methods to optimize plant breeding and genetics research. We work with both national and international breeding programs to train and equip plant scientists with the tools they need to develop the improved crops necessary to feed the growing global population.


PhenoApps is a collection of open-source Android apps for data collection that have been designed for plant breeders and geneticists.

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement

Advancing the unique goals of National Agricultural Research Institutes by collaborating with leading experts plant breeding and genetics.


Breeding optimization

We work to develop novel methods to simplify and speed up data collection in plant breeding. Improved data collection will improve breeding selection decisions.

Field Book

Field Book is a simple Android app for collecting phenotypic data, thereby facilitating increased collection speed with greater data integrity.


Coordinate is a customizable Android app that allows gridded data to be collected and organized. Two templates are included by default- Seed Tray and DNA Plate.


Prospector is an Android app capable of capturing, storing, visualizing, and exporting data from mobile handheld NIR spectrometers.


Intercross is an Android app that tracks parental and cross IDs as crosses are made including who makes each cross and where each cross is made. Cross labels can be printed to Zebra label printers.


Our work is made possible by funding from several organizations.